Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have learnt a lot regarding the media in Malaysia from creating this blog. As a blogger, I need to have an unbiased point of view when I’m reporting on a certain issue. Besides that, I need to refrain myself from using any offensive languages or have the means to criticise any party. Through this blog, I have developed my skills in writing and in designing. As a blogger, I must also be able to write ethically to avoid any sort of defamation and copyright infringements. I need to be very careful in posting every entry as every sentence I write could lead me into trouble. A blogger must also be sensitive to culture differences as each culture has their own way of life. And racist remarks or prejudicial comments should be avoided. Besides that, a blogger must also be creative in designing their blog so that they would attract more readers and for their readers to stay in their blog for a longer period of time. The hypertext links should be well navigated to avoid any dead ends.

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Anonymous said...

Hi..i think you are great in giving an unbiased information. why stop?